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Acupressure Yoga MAT With Pillow For Back/Neck Pain Relief And Muscle Relaxation

In India it is a tradition to give body massage to elders. Body massage is the means of providing acupressure. Elders of India knew the benefits of acupressure, this is one of the reason why people of old times lived so long. But now with increasing city life, away from elders and family members this tradition is almost lost. As such the importance of acupressure and the need to have daily body massage is out of our minds.

Everybody is just thinking of relieving mental stress but what about physical body stress?. If you are really interested  to relieve your physical body stress along with mental stress than you have to checkout Acupressure Yoga MAT With Pillow (Click here to visit official site).

Benefits of Acupressure Yoga MAT

Acupressure Yoga Mat With Pillow_

Reduce Muscle Tension:

full Body massageYou can reduce muscle tension naturally and also relieve of your back pain by just laying down on the mat daily for just 10 to 30 minutes. Continuous use of acupressure mat increases  release of Endorphins in our body which help in reduction of pain and also help in relaxation of muscles in your back, neck, feet and others parts.  

Full Body Massage:

The design and construction of this mat also called as reflexology mat is that it fits your full body back and neck. The mat is cushioned for comfort. It is large enough to fit full back and the set of pillow covers acupressure points for neck. This give complete holistic pain relief better blood circulation and good health of all body organs. 

Relaxation & Stress Relief:

The acupressure pressure points on the mat help release of tight muscles and thereby relieve stress. You will experience very light body. Best time to use it will be prior to bedtime as this will also improve your sleep. Good sleep is what most people ask for these days hahahaaa!. 

Increased Blood Circulation & Energy:

The mat has thousands of acupressure points which stimulate nerves and improve blood circulation. Good blood circulation is the secret for healthy and long life. So every time you relax on this acup


ressure yoga mat your are adding extra lifetime. Also increased blood circulation helps for faster muscle recovery. With better blood circulation and relaxed muscles you are surely going to have increased energy. 

Mental and Physical Body Relaxation

You may be thinking of doing yoga/meditation but not able to make it. Here you can do both yoga/meditation as well as body massage. As you lay down instead of focusing your mind on acupressure point of mat, you can carryout yoga or meditation. This will help to practice calming your mind first and than focus. This will also increase your mental power. Try it! you will love it.

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Best Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

Jagzee Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

The Jagzee Acupressure Yoga MAT With Pillow For Back/Neck Pain Relief And Muscle Relaxation has a healing concept of acupressure. It is designed with an intention to make it easy home remedy for stiff muscles of back, neck and more. The cushioned mat and along pillow are covered in thousands of plastic needle acupressure points to provide relaxation and restoration throughout your body. A bed of needles may not sound appealing, but once you experience its benefit, you may not want to leave it!

Features Jagzee Acupressure MAT
  • Almost 8,000 acupressure points
  • Includes neck pillow for ultimate comfort
  • Stimulates blood flow and muscle recovery
  • Promotes rest and relaxation
Nearly 8,000 Acupressure Points

Soft foam is covered with 100% cotton material, and covered in plastic dots which each have 27 small spikes that apply pressure to the meridian lines of your body. The mat has a total of 6,210 acupressure points, while the pillow has 1,782. Click here to know more about Jagzee Acupressure Yoga MAT With Pillow.


I personally feel that every house should have one acupressure mat along with pillow. We have almost lost the importance of body massaging, some people pay very huge amount at SPA. But doing it occasionally does not help, for better healthy and long life body massage has to be done regularly. Having one of such acupressure mat will give opportunity for every family member to have all the above mentioned benefits. Hope you will buy one for your family and all of you have a long and healthy life.

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