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Stress and Pain Relief Acupressure Points

Acupressure Points to Get Rid of  Stress and Pain

Most of you must have had experience of stress and pain in your lives. High level of stress can cause emotional and physical health problems. It is very important to identify symptoms and problems due to stress.

Also physical pain sometimes becomes unbearable and you look for medicines that can provide you relief from pain. Most of you must be using medicines that help you to get relief from stress and pain.

Many times it so happens that inspite of taking appropriate medicines, you do not get relief from stress or pain. At this time you start looking for some alternate treatment. One of the best alternate treatment is acupressure.

Acupressure can help you get treatment for many of the health problems and also help in general well being. If you are looking for stress and pain relief acupressure points than just check the image below.

stress pain acupressure point
The acupressure point that can help you in getting relief from stress, pain and other health related problems is LV3. LV3 is connected to liver 3, that is why its name, it is also known as Tai Chong in Chinese.

LV3 point is located near metatarsal bones on your foot. If you want to know more benefits of providing acupressure at point LV3 than visit this article source.

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