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How To Use Acupressure Mat With Magnets Pyramids

This article is all about the benefits and how to us acupressure mat and how you should not use. Also you will find review of best acupressure reflexology foot mat with magnetic pyramid for pain relief and good health therapy. Make sure you read full article.

As in olden times peoples use to walk bare foot, they were giving acupressure to their foot in  natural way. As most of us know the benefit of acupressure, this is one of the reason why they lived long. Even in the old age they used to be strong that is because of the foot acupressure which they received by walking barefoot.

In today’s lifestyle our daily walking itself has reduced and barefoot we never do it. This is one the major reason for the bad health condition of today. As much as our body needs massage when it gets tired so does our body organs need massage when they get tired. The only massage we can provide to our body organs is by acupressure and the best way to do this is by providing acupressure to foot.

Acs Mat Acupressure Reflexology Magnetic Pyramidal Therapy Energy For Pain Relief

  Acs Mat Acupressure Reflexology Magnetic Pyramidal Therapy Energy For Pain ReliefReflexology pyramidal therapy is also good for pain relief. As we all know by doing normal massage to body we get relieved from the body pain. So also our internal body organ can get relieved of pain when provided with acupressure.

Most of the health problems get solved by providing acupressure. When the soles of the feet are provided with focused magnetic acupressure it will form a holistic healing system. Your foot will feel comfort and relaxation when pressure is induced at various points of the foot. As you start using these acupressure foot mats with magnetic pyramid, even your mental stress will reduce and you will have more peace.

The strong magnets help in improving blood circulation, Acupressure Reflexology Magnetic Pyramidal Acs Mat consist of 22 bio magnets and also micropoints charger. Along with improving blood circulation, Magnets also help bringing back life to your tired feed and improve your power to fight disease.Your full body will remain active and powerful.

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How To Use Acupressure Mat With Magnets Pyramids

As we know people of old used to walk barefoot same we need to do to get the healthy, strong and long life. My personnel suggestion will be that you do spot walking on the acupressure foot mat. This walking can be done for a minimum of 5 minutes 3 times a day. You may also do it for longer time it depends but at the beginning better go slow.

Things to avoid while using acupressure foot mat

Very important is that you should not use magnetic reflexology foot mat immediately after eating or drinking fluids. At-least wait for 15 to 20 minutes and than you can start walking on the acupressure mat. As walking on acupressure foot mat provides massage to stomach, something in it cause pain.

Never do spot jogging on this foot mat with magnets. It can cause physical damage to foot externally or even internally. Also the magnets fitted on the acupressure pyramid mat can come out causing damage to the acupressure mat.

Some people consider just standing on the acupressure mat is the right way of doing it but not so. If you just stand it will only cause continuous acupressure at a point but it never gives a massaging effect. Acupressure massage can be only provided by walking slowing at natural heartbeat rate.

I hope that you are now aware how to use acupressure foot mat, but for that you need to have a acupressure reflexology magnetic pyramid mat. Make sure you visit the link and checkout more details.

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